A lot can happen in a year

Because yeah, I guess it’s been almost that long.  However, I missed this.  So without further ado, the big things that have gone down:

1.  I took two classes last semester while working and am taking two classes this semester while working.  It definitely keeps life quite busy.
2. A family trip took us to Wyoming. It was beautiful, gorgeous, all of those adjectives you use to describe the incredible landscape of the west.
3. I messed up my left leg on a walk/ run in Wyoming. Things were misdiagnosed (again. hello theme of my life. let’s change that ok?) and the fall was … rough. To say the least. I’m very glad to have made it through. I’m going to see a chiropractor Thursday to see what can be done about peroneal tendenosis which is apparently what I actually have- not a stress fracture. Fun times.
4. Despite being on crutches my shoulder has slightly improved. Many things still cause pain and mountain biking and ultimate Frisbee playage are still out of the questions. But I can ride my bike to class and help more with patients at work. Therefore I am a happier girl.
5. Once again, I was blown away by how amazing my friends and family are. So incredibly blessed.

Speaking of blessed, Sunday was goooooorgeous here. Did you get outside? I had to take a break from working on a project and biked my way over to a pick up Frisbee game. No, I didn’t play but I did throw the disc around with some very nice people. It felt like coming home. Words can’t describe how amazing it was to simply toss a Frisbee around.
However I paid for it Monday and today. My arm muscles were all like, ‘ummm helloooo you haven’t used us in that way in forever!’ and then my shoulder pain specifically made its presence known today ‘Hi. Hi that was cute and fun and all, but BITCH please you can’t do that.’ So that was less exciting.

This weekend is St. Patrick’s day! I plan to have fun- fingers crossed for amazing weather!

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Baby steps

And not the actual little human baby steps. Obviously.
I’m talking baby steps with running rehab.
People. I have been able go run for 2 minutes at a time with a break of 1 minute for 15-20 minutes.
This. Is. Big. I just have to keep from getting in that mindset of ‘Well if I could do 20 min without hurting two days ago, I should be able to do it again but faster.’ NO CHRISTINE DON’T DO IT. (yes I have to use all caps to yell at myself. Whatever).

It’s exciting though. I even bought new shoes! They are pretty Brooks Adrenalines. So far so good. It’s nice to be able to lace up and head out the door and go. As much as I love the gym, it lacks that specific convenience factor.

There are vague swirly thoughts in my head about running a 5K in September. :::fingers crossed::: I would just about pee my pants with excitement if this could happen.

That’s really all I wanted to write about. Running is fun. Even though it still hurts some and it’s for a super short time right now I’m glad to be doing it again.

Here’s a pretty picture.

i love RVa.

Happy Wednesday!

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And in pictures

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend. Mine was excellent, if not what I had expected. And instead of writing a full post, I’m feeling much more like a photo update. Lazy? Perhaps. But there are fun pictures!

RiverRock RVa 2012:

Bird? Plane? Flying mountain bike man? AWESOME.


Seriously?! Seriously.

I want to be friends with him.

He gathered crowds with his dancing. And enticed people to dance. I almost jumped in there. Impressive.

Women’s Bouldering

So flippin impressive. Holy crap.

Slackline competition

City approved graffiti.

Memorial Day 2012 camping and hiking adventures:

Riprap hike.

Riprap hike. I went back. I jumped in. It was freezing. and fantastic.

I did not get any pictures of me jumping in the water. You’ll have to take my word for it.


Memorial Day AT hiking. Little did we know this was just the beginning of our epic adventure.

This ridiculous hike involved about 14 miles, a variety of terrain, a bear encounter that was too close for comfort and mac ‘n cheese eating in the dark at the campsite. EPIC win.

At the bottom of the waterfalls. Dark Hollow Falls. By far the most variety of ethnicities on any hike in the park. And definitely the steepest trail by a waterfall. Like oh.em.gee crazy.

This picture makes my soul smile.

Mountain adventuring:

I camped here. A skunk stole my granola off the picnic table while my back was turned. True story.

I slept like a friggin baby though. Seriously. Best sleep of the week right in that tent.

Hawksbill. Highest hike in the park. Almost 360 degree views. Totally amazing.

Awkward self portrait? Check.

Blueberries taste best grown on a mountain.

No words.

Kind of gorgoues. No big deal.
It was a little hard waking up monday with that kind of weekend. But it did give me some awesome memories. Like, ‘Oh work is crazy right now? It’s cool. I played in the mountains over the weekend. NBD.’

And you? What did you do this weekend?

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The mountains are calling

And I went! (original quote ‘The mountains are calling and I must go’ from John Muir). Some friends and I headed up to the Shenandoah National Park for an amazing weekend filled with camping, hiking, relaxing by the fire, mountain pool swims and a bear sighting that was waaaaay too close for comfort. And no. I don’t have a picture of the bear. We had a great mix of people; myself, the Trav, and my new Cali/ Va secret twin A made up the core group with Anna and Zac meeting up with us for Saturday night camping.

Sunsets like this are nice. Disclaimer: this picture was actually taken in the Shenandoah a few years ago. Still. Same park, same awesome weather.

We were incredibly blessed with perfect weather the entire weekend. Hot enough to want to get into the water on the Riprap hike (for me at least!) and cool enough to be happy about a fire and sleep well in the tent at night.

Again a picture from a few years ago. But we did have toast. With homemade strawberry jam. And it was delish!

I loved waking up in the mornings to sunlight filtering through the trees and the smell of campfire. Mmmmm awesome.

Oh hey gorgeous views. It was great seeing you for three days straight.

The trip was capped off by a visit to my favorite C to meet her new baby! He is adorable. Pictures coming shortly.

I would officially say I have the urge to do a fo realz backpacking trip. I’ve thought sbout it on and off for a while now and had success with overnights but I am itchin to get out in the woods for multiple days and just go! (sans bear sightings of course). Girl’s got plans. It’s gonna happen.

More pictures and the adventure hike recap to come soon! Along with river rock highlights. Happy Tuesday!

And how was YOUR holiday weekend?

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Beachy camping

It’s summer now, if you didn’t know. The start of summer doesn’t correspond to a date on the calender for me. It has to do with the heavenly scent of honeysuckle combined with fresh grass and if you’re really lucky, an ocean breeze carrying a hint of salt.
Which is what I got to smell last weekend when I went to the beach with my Anna! We both agreed it was a perfect getaway. We lounged on the sand for a bit, took a longer than we anticpated walk along the beach, roasted hot dogs and had drinks around the campfire and became mesmerized by the fire.

We wasted no time getting to the beach once we picked out our campsite.

We hit up the state park to camp. The beach there is very nice. There was even a wedding! (We weren’t invited, for some reason.)

We managed to relax, catch up, pretend to read while actually watching people set up for the wedding and observing a small group of hipsters before heading back to buy some wood. Which we realized would be crucial for the whole ‘fire’ thing we wanted to do. Once the fire was up and going we got comfy.

The summer woodchuck cider is one of their better varities. In my opinion.

Anna has this survival bag and it is AWESOME. I’m jealous. It has everything you could want/ need. (Get me one kthanksloveyou!)

Anna and I are bad converstationalists around a fire. But we’re ok with it.

For future reference: you can, in fact, hear the cars on the road from many of the campsites at the park. Luckily I still managed to sleep like a log. It was probably one of the highlights of the weekend.

Anna had the brilliant idea of bringing along those little Starbucks frappacino things and wanted to drink them out on the beach the next morning. Obviously she had to twist my arm to do so. I mean, sit out on the beach in the early morning while drinking a tasty caffinated beverage? Heck no. Who wants to do that?

Frappacinos on the beach = best idea ever. The girl is good with details.

The only bad thing about a weekend like that is it makes monday a little more difficult. I spent monday and tuesday wondering when I could get back to the beach. Sigh. Luckily I have this to look forward to!

June beach week! Roommate and me at annual karoke night.

And there’s your late update on what happened last weekend. Stay tuned for a recap of this weekend! (Teasers: Riverrock, dress shopping, the dancing boy, weeding mornings at the urban farm/garden.) And how was YOUR weekend?

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Abundant sunshine

I kid you not, that’s what the weather page said about today’s forecast.  How sweet is that?!  And on a thursday!  I think it calls for a definite round of ‘things I am super thankful for’ a la Ali on the Run, with the first on the list being

Summer weather!  When I walk outside I can smell green grass and honeysuckle.  It’s amazing.

I miss this. (mtn bike trail at Pocahontus).
But it’s ok! I will get back to you!

These trail mix balls.  (which because I’m 12 I still find fun to say.  Balls.  Balls balls balls). I may have thrown in some cinnamon chips and added more chocolate chips and put the whole mashup into the food processor.  And they were good.  Even people at work liked them!

Speaking of work, I am so thankful for my co workers.  I am incredibly blessed to be working with a group of people who are legit awesome.  We really are, as corny as it sounds, like a big dysfunctional family.  And many of them get my weird healthyish food eating habits, as well as the competitive athlete drive.  Again, awesome.

Desdemona.  My African violet.  Isn’t she pretty?  Apparently these things can be hard to keep alive.  Des defies all odds and continues to flourish even in the way too small pot I have her in.  Sorry about that baby.  I have plans to fix it!  

Desdemona so lovely. She was young here and she fit the pot better. Now she is overflowing.

The beach!  I’m going.  This weekend.  And I get to see my Anna!  There will be fewer shenanigans like this:

St. Patrick’s day shenanigans with my Anna.

And more shenanigans like this:

Epic beach walk. This will probably happen again.

I’m excited!

Greece.  Remember that time my parents and I went to Greece?  Yeah that was pretty incredible.  I’m also visiting my Gma this weekend and she is sending me to the local Greek festival and I’m really excited to go and see all things Greek.  Hellloooo baklava.

Crete! This was the cutest little village at the base of these enormous mountains. Awesome.

My parents on Santorini. They’re pretty cool people. (as you can obviously tell from this picture).

Fresh food.  It’s so good.  Seriously people.  Those ‘picked off the vine’ strawberries may not look as good as the stuff in the store but hot Damn do they taste 100 x better. 

Dinner with old friends!  I caught up with Erin, my freshman year roommate (well one of them but that’s another story) over some tasty quiche at Mimis the other day and it was so good to see her.  She remains to this day the classiest, sassiest, southern belle I know.  We ended up commiserating over injuries for most of the meal.  How is it that 2 twenty- somethings are laid out from stupid injuries?  Wtf?  And she got her first injury while training for the half marathon too!  Wild.  

And last but not least- running!  You didn’t think I’d make it through an entire post without talking about it did you?  Ok good.  I did another round of my 1 & 1/2  minute running on Tuesday and we’re still doing ok.  Phew!  I have to keep reminding myself ‘baby steps baby steps baby steps.’.  

WHAT ABOUT YOU?  What are you thankful for?!  Sunshine and puppies?  That old building you always walk by?  The fact that you have friends coming to see you this weekend?  The way the light filters through foliage on a late afternoon hike with the scent of honeysuckle permeating every breath?  Too specific? 

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Rambling thoughts

I could not quite get my thoughts together to form a single coherent post. I figure I’d start with the results of my gait analysis.
The good news? Amy (my amazng PT) said I have greatly improved my form and the strength of my hip/ quad/ hamstring combo. The even better news? I am allowed to up my running time from 1 minute to 1 & 1/2 minutes. I KNOW! You had to sit down from too much excitement right? Of course it’s still alternated with 1 minute of walking for a max time of 10 minutes total but still. Awesome. I tried it out on Sunday and Wednesday and the calf didn’t feel any more sore than it had previously. Yes! She did say I could even try up to 2 minutes but I said let’s not get crazy. I’ll work my way up to that. And I kicked my competitive self back into a box. With a really big lock. I even told Amy to only give me the minimal amount I could increase running by because if I’m given more I feel like I have to do it. It’s a problem.
So I’ll keep at 1 & 1/2 minutes of running for a while- notice the lack of a definitive timeframe; it’s ON PURPOSE, then up it to 2 minutes, then up the total run/ walk time. Whee!

I’m pretty excited about this. Not gonna lie. With the help of the three, yes count them 3, types of calf brace/ compression things I’ve been styling, the sometimes seemingly endless stationary bike riding and occasional ellipicalling and other weird not-stair-step-not-elliptical but something in between machine my calf is slowly getting better.

I’m getting better and I’m going to run on these trails! Someday! (and shhhhh don’t tell one day I will bike these trails again)

You may dance now. It’s ok. I won’t judge. You’re not dancing? I’ll dance for you aight? I’m a Fantastic dancer. Now let’s do a quick round of thankful things just because!

Lazy afternoons at the rivah.

Yesterday afternoon looked a lot like this. But with rocks to lie on.

Running for 1 & 1/2 minutes!

The stick. Yes, That one. I’ve bee noble to work out the knots in my calf on occasion. That is huge. I used to not even be able to find one specific scar knot because the thing was basically one giant ass hardened scar tissue knot. Sexy.

Catch up gmail chats with my favorite dc livin California girl.

Sleeping in till 7:30. Ahhhhh. So happy.

Farmer’s market. A ton of kale, spinach and green beans with a side of fresh bread and honey? Why yes. Yes I will.

How was your weekend?! Exciting? Fun? Relaxing? Full of studying and grading? Tell me!

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