Working on being good

Holy busy days! Yesterday and today have been quite hectic at work, which makes me happy I’ve learned to pack appropriate lunches and snacks so I don’t go grazing among the goodies clients often bring us. My go to lunch is a salad with spinach leaves, tomatoes, feta and sunflower seeds. I like to munch on celery and peanut or almond butter in the morning and throw some fruit with granola or a smoothie in there during the afternoon.
Breakfast yesterday was an egg with turkey pepperoni and cheese. A little odd, but it’s so yummy! When I have time on my days off, I like to spice it up a bit with something like this:

Tasty breakfast goodness

I'm kind of in love with this breakfast. It could be a problem.

Basically it’s:
1 egg with spinach and 1 slice turkey bacon with cheese sprinkled in it cooked over medium hard
2 slices of turkey bacon on the side
Cherry tomatoes cut up on top
And yes, I have milk and coffee with breakfast on my mornings off. And sometimes, I make my own whipped cream to put on top of the coffee. It’s delicious.

I’ve been trying to be good in regards to workout out. Yesterday I hit up the stationary bike for 20 minutes before a Zumba class! The monday night class is so much fun; it’s filled with other people just looking to dance and shake their groove thang. Plus I don’t get the feeling that I’m being judged. I’ll admit it- this white girl doesn’t have the beat. However, my calf was kind of killing me by the time I went to bed yesterday, so I made myself take today off. I’ll post more about the calf injury later.

I did go on a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood but it was a suuuuuuper slow walk. More of a mosey, if you will.

Pretty, isn't it?

I love my neighborhood.

Looks like it’s about bedtime! I’m crossing my fingers that my calf will feel better tomorrow and I can get into the gym before work. Here’s hoping!

PS If you like veggie burgers, check out my friend’s blog called yumveggieburger. I’m a serious chicken and bacon lover, but this girl got me trying different veggie burgers and even to try an eggplant parm dish. Crazy, right?

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