Honor your body

A thought popped into my head last night as I was getting ready for bed. ‘the best thing I can do for my body is to rest.’. Ummmmm…. What?!?!! It was totally a lightbulb moment. Coming from a girl whose idea of taking a break from working out is to go on a hour long hike or brisk walk followed by lunges, squats, ab work etc, the idea of resting my body and sticking to a schedule that may have more rest days than ever before is kind of a reversal of form. Honestly it’s pretty hard to wrap my mind around. So when that thought formed and settled itself into my head; incredibly I felt more relaxed and had this huge weight lifted off my shoulders.
I even realized that at yoga on Sunday I had set my intention for class to be honoring my body. Not going further in poses than my shoulder could handle, which meant that while the instructor led the class into harder poses like plank, side plank and three legged downward dog, I focused on the modifications I’d been taught. I worked on my breathing. I let my mind settle into a meditative state. And at the end of class I not only felt more rested and relaxed; my shoulder didn’t hurt nearly as much as it did after the previous class.
It was probably the best intention to have set for class, because I realized I was following through this week with that exact intention. I’m focusing my energy on not working out. (is this totally backwards or what?). Instead, I’m studying more-GREs So. Much. Fun., working on my applications to grad school, and reminding myself every day and just about every step of a mosey around the neighborhood to ‘Focus on the future.’

A few shots of my walk to my favorite coffee shop.  (Where I am super lame and sit for hours studying.) 

Yes, I pass this on my walk to the coffee shop.


There's a whole row of these style houses. Gorgeous.


This is kind of a terrible shot. But it's the shop under the awning. Called Black Hand Coffee.

Does anyone else find it much more difficult to not work out than work out?
What do you focus your energy on instead?

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