Mozz, basil and tomatoes

What could be more delicious?  Very little I tell you.  Very little.  I’ve been using this combo for about the past month.  Sometimes it involves toasted foccacia bread and olive oil.  Sometimes it involves toasted nutty grain bread and olive oil.  And sometimes when you’re out of those options, you turn to… triscuits!

I give you:  a little  Tmbt!  (Triscuit + mozz + basil + tomato)

It's oh. so. good.

The far away shot is less aesthetically pleasing. 

TMBTs step right up! (into mah belly)

Ok, so sometimes I get a little loopy after my bedtime.  Apologies. 
Dinner was leftover Trader Joes Pesto Pizza which was delicious, even on night 3! 

I add turkey pepperoni to lots of things. It's weird. I know.

I followed that up with 4 peepsteers.  Because it’s not dinner without dessert.  Duh.  And typically for me, it’s not dessert if it’s not a smoothie or chocolate.  (Ice cream and frozen yogurt rocks cause they combines the two.  Love. it.)

I leave you with a few shots from my hike around Forest Hill this afternoon.  It was beautiful!  (and I promise I hiked very very slowly.  Honest!  How else would I have stopped to take these pictures?)

Epically lovely. Can't get over it.

Ok, ok, ok, so this is technically a mountain bike trail.  Well it’s mostly used for mtn biking.  But for now, for me it is a hiking trail.  And I only drool a little bit when I see mtn bikers fly past me.  (Can’twaittogetbackintoitandit’sonlybeenaweekandahalfholycow)

Broken bridge.


Can you see the sparkles on the water?!

So some seriously gorgeous weather for ze hiking.  And yoga afterwards was just what my slightly tired legs needed. 

It’s off to bed for this tired girl-  Hopefully work tomorrow will be less crazy!  -C

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