I may have written this on tuesday and just gotten the time to post it. Oooops!

I don’t have the power
Just like quite a number of people out there right now in Richmond and the NE, I am without power.  And have been since Irene blasted through on Saturday.  Dominion cant even give us an estimate of when we might get power back.  Womp womp.  However I am incredibly lucky to have a friend in the city who not only has power but is letting me crash with him until I get power back.  Yay friends!
So I’m currently kickin it in a very furry household-
Frank and Toby.  They’re adorable.  

And getting to eat some delicious foods.
My friends are amazing cooks and bakers.  AND they dont mind me getting in on the action! I made some yummy chocolate chip cookies.

Getting uprooted threw me for a loop when I realized my normal routine would be out of whack but I threw my things in a bag, tossed all my perishables in (many) more bags and I’m actually loving being somewhere else!  It’s like a mini vacation, but with the whole going to work thing happening.   plus I’m focusing really hard on being aware of what I can and can’t do at work due to my shoulder issues and doing my PT.  Every day.  And I’ve been enjoying coming up with different workouts to keep me entertained and sweatin it up at the gym before work.  

Once again, good things come out of shaking things up.  I’m praying for all those who got hit way harder than we did.  Damage done here doesnt even compare to the flooding in VT and NJ.  My friend’s parents house is right on the river, and his pictures show the river at their front door.  They have no backyard right now because it’s all underwater.  

Hope everyone stayed safe!
What’s the craziest natural disaster you’ve been through?

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