Things have happened.

Obviously.  Otherwise I wouldn’t have dropped off the face of the earth for an extended period of time.

Some pictures of things which have happened: 

A typical late summer dinner. I got compliments on how pretty and colorful it was! :::sigh::: I miss summer.

When studying excessively for the GREs, one must study outside sometimes.

This looks weird. I know. But it was delicious.

If they come near you, go see them. They ROCK.

How I celebrated after taking the GREs. Hiking with friends! Foggy weather be damned.


Lovely. Incredible. Soothing. Epic.

H’ok.  Basically I spent September studying for the GREs.  I’m spending the rest of it working on applications for grad school.  And doing physical therapy for my shoulder.  and not mountain biking or running or playing frisbee.  
I’m also exploring new hiking spots and trying to get enthused about fall.  I made apple pie with apples picked from our orchard!  And and and I bought canned pumpkin in anticipation of making pumpkin cookies this weekend.
Also, I saw the Avett brothers this past friday.  It was amazing.  I wore my flannel shirt (to blend in with the rest of the concert goers) and got a pumpkin spice latte from ‘bucks on the way.  Double shot to jump start the fall feeling.  Tasty and awesome.  More catch up later!
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