Come so far, got so far to go

Good news!  I had a PT appointment today and I got the news that I am, indeed, getting better.  You may be wondering why this was even a question.  Well when you’re in constant daily pain for an extended period of time and it slowly abates (GRE word 2 points!) because you’ve stopped doing everything you want, the question of whether the injury is actually healing arises.  In my case, stopping activity of a) mtn biking, b) restraining/lifting any patients at work and c) yoga combined with intense physical therapy has resulted in the (seemingly very slow) process of healing for my shoulder. 

Hallelfreakinlujah!  Seriously.  I think if I had gone in and she said that my shoulder wasn’t actually doing better I would have curled up into a ball and cried.  Summary of the session was
1. Shoulder is getting stronger and more stable.
2. It takes 6 weeks AT A MINIMUM to heal a muscle. It takes 3 months to fully regain strength and function. (I’m about halfway there)
3. I should continue to be good and not do yoga, mtn biking, or restraint of large animals. or really any animals. This… is getting old.
4. The next time I get injured and go through PT, I can’t just jump back into doing everything like normal immediately after I’m declared better.
5. In fact, let’s just say it right here, right now. (wassup fatboy slim) If I get injured again I will make a doctor appointment within 48 hours of the injury. I will rest. I will not do anything which could cause further injury or prevent healing until given medical clearance.

This shoulder thing could have been completely resolved by mid-August. Instead I’m going to cross my fingers that it’s resolved by mid-November. LESSON. LEARNED.

So here I go, keeping on being good so I can get back to this:

Poor Rowdy. He's been cooped up now for so long.

Bridges for mountain biking

One of my favorite trails.

What I looked like after my first time mountain biking.

This was after trying the Northbank trail for the first time. I bit it. Hard.

And eventually…I want to get back to this.

It's not a spectacular action shot by any means. But it was the only one I could find.

You will see the happiest girl alive when that happens.


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