Thankful Things Thurdays: First time

So in one of my favorite blogs Ali on the Run, every thursday she posts things she’s thankful for. I LOVE this. I hope she doesn’t mind if I post some things I’m thankful for over here.

1. I am almost done with grad school applications! Just have to look over everything and hit submit. (and kiss a couple hundred dollars goodbye. Oh well.)

2. It was gorgeous outside. The kind of weather that makes you think maybe fall isn’t here yet. If I weren’t injured I would have been out on the trails all. day. Either mountain biking or hiking. In fact, let’s go big. Say I was completely healed. A super long run would have been gloooorious on a day like today!

I didn't go to the river. But it was this kind of day out.

3. I am now a regular at a local coffee shop. I love being able to go in somewhere and ask for a general drink (sweet and cold) and have them whip something amazing up. Win.

4. The Va state fair has arrived and I have plans to hit it up with a friend. (: Kettle corn, here I commmme.

Kettle corn. oh and I guess there's other stuff too.

5. Two words. Pumpkin. bread. I made some this evening. And it is superscrumptious. (don’t mind if I do have another piece.) I also made a seperate baby loaf for a friend at work who is allergic to dairy, eggs and lots of other weird stuff and it actually turned out really good! I substituted applesauce for eggs, amped up the flour/ baking soda amounts and threw in a hefty sprinkling of pumpkin pie spice. I might even say it’s :::gasp::: better and more moist than the original recipe.

So there’s some of my thankful things! And now, I think I’ll go be thankful for my pillow. and comforter.

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