Stationary bikes and stuck at a car place

Yes, I wrote this yesterday.
My B.
The good news: I kicked that workout’s butt yesterday.   Granted I did not in fact get up early to do it.  I couldn’t remember why it was so important to get the work out in early until I was leaving work.  It was 80 and gorgeous out.  Oh thats right.  I wanted to work out early so I could go hike around and play outside after work!  However I had made plans with that gym.  High intensity low impact workout in the bike courtesy of Tina at FFF, combined with my leg workout, abs and shoulder pt meant i slept super well last night.  
And now I’m sitting at the car place where my car has failed inspection.  Womp womp.  I kind of knew it was coming.  Cars shouldn’t shudder to a stop.   Also they shouldn’t shake when going above 50 mph.  I’d been ignoring these details.  So after they fix my car and pass it (fingers crossed!) I will be off to enjoy Wicked with mah mom!  Very exciting.  
Also exciting- I have plans to go camping/ hiking this weekend and to go to the state fair!  Fun things.  I love it.

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