Foliage and apple spice bread

I don’t know what it was like where you are, but in Va this weekend was. gorgeous.
Fo serious.

I went up and camped and played and hiked in the Shenandoah National Park. Basically, it was fantastic.

Fallnation on the parkway

Driving up the parkway.

Doyle's Run hike. Pretty waterfalls.

Hiking is fun. You see pretty things!

How awesome is this.

Umm hi this is gorgeous.

Gorgeous golden and green leaves. No big deal.

Annnnd I’m not normal.

Hiking and waterfalls make me happy! (aka I can't take a regular picture. It's fine.)

Standard pose. I love nature!

Also… once again I wrote a post and didn’t actually post it on the same day. I have this whole really slow computer issue. It’s kind of a problem. SO. Here’s my thankful things thursday post on sunday!

Yay for Thursdays! They are one of my favorite days because a) I have the day off, b) it’s almost Friday, c) Thursday is yoga day- which I can’t wait to get back to. Thursday yoga is my favorite yoga class. And d) having Thursdays off means sometimes can take Friday off and have awesome adventures like going to KY for my roommate’s birthday celebration! (roommate from college. She rocks. Times 1000000).

This edition of thankful things is sponsored by the beautiful weather currently happening. It makes me hopeful that I won’t be biking in the freezing cold when I am healed. Anyhoo.
Things I am thankful for:
Having enough money to pay for car repairs. I kid you not. Driving around with that pink sticker on your windshield is no fun. It feels like a giant beacon for cops.
Car is fixed. It is nice.

Being able to take radiographs at work. I’ve been able to help out with more and more patients. I’m getting better! Yay!

Good music. The Avett brothers have been my fall soundtrack. They suit the season beautifully.

Getting to go see Wicked with mah mom!
Wicked was so good. Like so so so go see it now good.

Party planning. Think glitter, apple cider slushies, pie and Vegas. Yes.

Ab work. Might sound weird but I really do enjoy finding new ways to work my abs.

Apples. Especially apples that go to live in pie crusts. Smothered in cinnamon and sugar.

Apples like this go into pies. And I had to take a picture of this baby apple. How freakin cute is it!?!

yes. I think that sums it up nicely. (End thursday post)

I’m now waiting for the apple spice bread to cool so I can smother it with the apple cider glaze and eat the heck out of it. I am so pumped.

Also I biked 15.71 miles today! On the stationary bike but I’m still pretty pumped about it. I tried to keep it interesting by varying the difficulty level.

I do believe the bread is ready for a taste test.
If you’ll excuse me…


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