New obsession

I’ve read many posts from various people about Pinterest.  However I had yet to mosey over there until a few weeks ago.  O.M.G am I hooked.  There are so many lovely fantastic things!  I also got my friend hooked on it.  I’m pretty pumped. 

Now, I know I haven’t posted in a while.  Two reasons: 
1. I blasted off to KY to celebrate my roommate’s birthday (my friend and I drove to her apt right after work on wednesday to surprise her at 4 am.  She loved it) and had an amazing time but proceeded to need the entire next week to recover and get back in a routine. 

I love the quote on this card I got for my roommate.

2.  Things have not been progressing as quickly as I would like with my shoulder issue.  I was feeling better and tried doing a little more at work.  Constant throbbing pain quickly shut that down.  At my follow up PT appointment on thursday I found out that my first rib was displaced and my 1st and 2nd thoracic vertebrae were out of alignment. Apparently this is common and the shoulder/ rib/ vertebrae section is referred to as the quarter. Injury to one part of the quarter often affects other parts of the quarter.  Way not cool.  She spent a good deal of the appointment massaging and working the first rib back into place.  It was uncomfortable but amazing at the same time.  So now we have a plan for me to do both PT and massage therapy on the same day for the next two weeks to try and get everything happy and aligned. 

I’m thrilled. (Only not.)  Basically I’m letting go of any ideas of getting back to Yoga and mountain biking in the next few months which is depressing. However it’s for the best. Looking on Pinterest for inspirational quotes has helped. Not gonna lie. Also I’ve decided to focus my energy on something besides what I’m missing I’m going to actively try at least one new thing a week. Wish me luck!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a few halloween events to hit up. As Inigo Montoya. YES.

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