Thankful things thursday: fall edition

It’s officially November!  I never thought I’d ever be caught dead saying this but I am so excited for November.  And December.  (This is coming from a die-hard summer girl.)  Why the change of heart?  Basically I’m optimistic that by the end of November my shoulder will be more healed and I can at least start thinking about mountain biking and yoga. And I can start planning other adventures which involve the use of a shoulder.  Sad story: even Zumba can’t be done properly.  I tried this evening.  It would have been almost depressing if the music and instructors weren’t so upbeat. 
However. I did bike 17 miles on the upright bike today and I got to walk around Hollywood Cemetary and take pictures, so it was a good day. And with that in mind, here are my things I’m thankful for!

Beautiful weather. Walking around in jeans and a light sweater was pretty great.

Exploring new things. Hollywood Cemetary is pretty sweet.

Both the husband and wife's tombstones had this.

Hollywood Cemetary is pretty.

Gorgeous fall colors. (Are you tired of how much I like pretty naturey things?)

Fall foliage.

Hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps. It’s november. I can have it.

Being able to at least ride bikes in the gym. And go to spin class. Next one is saturday morning!!! I might be a little excited about it.

Surprise early morning phone calls with people I love.

Plans for dancing with favorites and plans for a barn shindig. (:

It's a barn!

Having health insurance/ the ability to pay for all my ridiculous doctor and therapy bills. Gracious.

Speaking of, my PT taped up my shoulder today. She’s hoping it will help retrain the muscles to a) be in the right place and b) relax. It actually feels pretty good. And my shoulder feels better after having worn it all day than it did after massage therapy. But we’ll have to see what it does tomorrow after work. Fingers crossed for good news!

Well I need to wrap this thursday up. Tomorrow’s Friday- Yay!

PS we had a lunch lady at college who would bang a giant spoon and pot together every friday yelling ‘It’s Friday!’ at random intervals during the day. She was pretty fabulous and I think of her everytime I hear the phrase ‘it’s friday.’ Good times.

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