Random thoughts and more fall pictures

Whaaaaaaat? I know. You’re shocked. Pretty fall pictures? Shut the front door.

One of my best friends came to visit this weekend. We played in RVa and it was fantastic.

We walked a lot:

Around Hollywood Cemetary

Memorial to the Confederate Women of Virginia.

So from far away it seems big. Not super ridiculous, but you know, fairly large.

It. is. Ginormous.

A self guided ‘tour’ of the monuments on Monument Ave

Is big statue. Me and Mr. Robert E. Lee

Jefferson Davis Monument. ... I think.

Btdubs we totally had to look up Maury. I mean who the heck has heard of him? And why was he important enough to get a statue?

Anyways. We also spent a serious amount of time sitting on the couch sunday morning eating tator tots and looking through quotes on pinterest. It’s normal.

Now, I had a couple things I was thinking about writing about, but I couldn’t narrow it down. So here goes:

1. Trying a new thing every week- I’m on week 2.  (It’s ok to laugh.) Last week I tried a spin class which I loved. I’ve been to two more since then and the biggest issue I’m having is getting the bike fitted correctly. Tips? And for this week I’m thinking of either going to a legit dance class or attempting to eat fish (WOAH jump back).

2. At what point should I get a second opinion about my shoulder? Thoughts on holistic medicine?

3. Why is it that the smallest fraction of the world’s population has the most food available? What can we do to change this?

4. There needs to be some sort of automatic thing that turns the handheld blender thing off and keeps it off before I take it out of the whipped cream I’m making. It’s hard to clean whipped cream off the ceiling.

5. I rather inadvertantly walked the entire Northbank-Buttermilk trail yesterday. It was beautiful. I’d like to do that more often. I didn’t take my camera because I wanted to just enjoy it. I’m glad I did so. (btdubs the trail is approximately 7 miles. I’m a little stoked about that.)

6. The Airborne Toxic Event is coming to Richmond! Finally!!!!

and conclude random thoughts. Goodnight!

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