Cinnamon chips

My friend has been desiring cinnamon chips for the longest time. And he finally found some online and ordered them. Being awesome and knowing my love for baking, he gave a bag to me!
I was trying to decided what I wanted to use them in. Cookies? Pumpkin muffins? Brownies? The ever so obvious cinnamon buns? Ah so many options! I didn’t want to mix pumpkin and cinnamon, brownies are hard to cut up and share and, well I don’t have yeast. So cookies it was! I present to you:

Chocolate chip/ cinnamon chip chocolate cookies.
Aka melting sweet chocolatey scrumptiousness in my mouth. I’ll post pictures later.

Get yourself some cinnamon chip cookies and make these suckers. They. is. good. I used this as the base and made a half batch. I tend to guesstimate on things like amount of chocolate chips and cinnamon chips added.

In other news, I’m super excited about a bonfire out at the barn this weekend! It should be fun!

Fall barn


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