Thankful things thursday: Making moves edition

NOTE: I had an entire post written which apparently disappeared into cyberspace during picture cropping difficulties. Eff.

So you will get the short version of thankful things thursday sans introductory explanation.

I am thankful for:

Getting my big girl pants on to talk to my PT to address the lack of healing going on with my shoulder and my concern about that. I made an appointment to see the doctor and got a copy of my records. Gonna get this thing taken care of by the end of this year. (darn it!)

Biking 18.70 miles on the stationary bike. I had plans to make it 18 miles so getting even 0.70 miles past that was pretty cool. I like being able to focus on an activity that I can do. I hope to do 30 miles by T-giving!

Obtaining key items for a barn party. Like streamers, lights, and a tub for holding water and apples. For apple bobbing!

There will be apples like this. But they will be in the water. In a tub. YES.

I wish my apple bobbing bin looked that cool. It's actually plastic. Oh well!

Seeing many old friends this weekend! Including one of my best friends who I’ve known for 12 years. She gets in at 5 am friday morning. Woot woot!

Pinterest and the amazing quotes people post which are inspiring. Like this one:

Inspiring. Thank you pinterest.

Annnnnnnnnd the Planet Pit cd I splurged on today. Best. workout. music. EVAR. Love it.

Goodnight! Friend is coming buttcrack o’dawn early tomorrow!


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