Carl’s ice cream, Breaking Dawn and Whiteoak Canyon

Is it ludicrous to get ice cream when it’s 40 degrees out?
Absolutely not.
Does it look ridiculous to eat ice cream in the car wearing a hat, gloves and multiple sweaters draped across one’s lap?
I don’t think so.
Trust me. If you have tasted of this ice cream, you’d agree.

Why yes. I did buy 2 quarts of chocolate to take home.

It was definitely worth a trip up to Fburg on a friday night. Plus I got to experience the tastyness of Tarntip thai food! Mmmmm chicken pad thai. No it’s not original. However I did get the ‘hot’ option. That counts for something right? Right.

Also I may have gone to see Breaking Dawn on friday. 11 am showing. It was basically the first showing of the movie besides the midnight premiere. (It’s ok to be jealous.) I was thoroughly entertained by the entire thing. First of all who doesn’t enjoy multple scenes involving half nude Edward or Jacob? And secondly while the dialogue has improved, it still walks the line of ‘did a second grader write this?’. Which I love. I mean, essentially I like these movies because I like watching pretty sparkly people do fantastical things. Easy to please. You know.

Ok ok so what sort of active adventures did I have this weekend? Well on saturday I hiked up White Oak Canyon with a friend. And upon reaching the top of the hike, we decided to hike the loop that kept going and hooked us up with Skyline Drive, then came back down Cedar Run.
10 miles.
4 hours.
Doesn’t seem like that much but considering we went up a mountain and came back down, it was kind of awesome.

I'm not sure why, but it was incredibly peaceful right here.

Rooty tree sculpture. Yes I look rather crazy. It's fine.

I may have been a little sore yesterday. I love it! It was so nice to be out crunching through the leaves and hiking out in the gorgeous weather.

Also, can you believe it’s Thanksgiving week? Crazy! I’m super excited about making these Sweet Potato Fries. I got this giant sweet potato at the store the other day and was debating what to do with it. Other people buy things at the store without having an idea of what they want to make with it right? Normal? Ok good.

Now I know it’s totally cliche to bring up things I’m thankful for but that’s what this time o’year is all about right? So random list of things I’m thankful for:

Good coffee.
Airborne Toxic Event concerts. (Tomorrow!)
Peaceful drives back from adventures with good music.
Being able to go to the gym and work out.
Coworkers who rock.
The song ‘Let the rain’ by Sara Bareilles.
Bridges.  I think bridges are super cool.  If I’m hiking and there are two trails and I can see a bridge down one trail I usually have to at least go walk over it.   It’s weird.

I like bridges. A lot.

I think in another life I will be a builder of bridges.

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