Lift coffee, craft store and water heater pipe malfunctions

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a lovely thanksgiving. I definitely did. I got to see one of my cousins who (whom?) I haven’t seen in forever which was awesome. He’s a glass blower apprenticing with an artist in Knoxville, TN working on this huge installation piece for a museum. Here’s the fellow he’s working for: Richard Jolley. It’s pretty spectacular. I’m super impressed by his skillz.
And of course, thanksgiving meant lots of tasty foods. We had all the usual suspects including my favorite rolls made by mom and a really yummy cranberry relish type dish. Not to mention stuffing. Oh stuffing. And my friend made this super tasty curry sweet potato dish which not only did I try but enjoyed very much. What up new flavas!

Since I missed the super duo thankful things Thursday on thanksgiving, here are a few things I’m thankful for:

Spray paint and stencils. I went into a craft store yesterday, spent about 5 minutes wandering aimlessly in circles being intimidated/ scared (yes craft stores scare me. I’m not an artistic creative type person and some of the customers in craft stores make me nervous) before actually finding what I needed. I now have the supplies to make a kick ass shirt for a concert. I am pumped.

Beautiful sunny days before the winter hits.

Coffee. I’m sitting outside at Lift coffee enjoying both a tasty cappuccino and the lovely weather. Side note- the cappuccino is delicious but rather small for a 16 oz. The cup was actually filled over halfway with foam. Next time order a regular coffee.  (Note: I’m not actually there anymore.  I saved and finished blogging at home.)

Blues music. I went out last night to 3rd St. Diner to see Last Night’s Blues Band. It was fantastic. Small space on the third floor with some good old school blues music and a crowd willing to get into the music including some people even getting up to dance. They definitely seem like a band that’s new to each other and to performing but I think they have the potential to really rock out. They play every Saturday and I intend to go back. With friends.

Landlords who come over to fix water heater pipes that break. I walked into the kitchen this morning and heard this odd fizzing noise. And then I saw the water on the floor. Thus my Sunday morning was spent halfway in the cabinet that accesses the water heater trying to find the shut off valve, throwing any extra towels down to pick up the water and calling my landlord to come help. It was fun.

20 mile stationary bike rides! WHAT UP! (longest bike ride to date. Holla)

And the biggest news is that one of my friends from college just got engaged! Serious congratulations go out to him. This wedding is gonna be awesome.

Wedding? I love weddings! Drinks all around!

Disclaimer: This is an old wedding picture from a mutual college friend’s wedding. Fun times!

I wish I could list a miraculous recovery of my shoulder under thankful things, but alas. The saga continues. So. Much. Fun.
The cortisone shot alleviated the pain a little bit but honestly not enough that I would recommend doing it. Like… not at all. The doctor says the next step is prolotherapy injections. Basically the thought behind prolotherapy is to inject the affected area with an irratant to stimulate healing. In my case, the doctor would be injecting my shoulder with a solution containing dextrose.
The only problem is there are very few studies definitively confirming the efficacy of prolotherapy injections and my insurance does not cover it. As much as I am dying to have my shoulder fixed, injections that cost $250 a pop and might not do jack you know what make me wary. However I’m sure surgery is even more expensive. Damn it.

So I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty stoked for cold weather despite how much I’m enjoying the nice weather right now. Mostly because I am kind of a bitch and get a little bit depressed when it’s perfect weather for running, frisbee or mountain biking outside and I can’t do any of it.

Recognize the background? It's Whiteoak canyon in the winter. Because you can still go hiking when it's cold outside and you're broken!

So. Here’s to cold weather, gym workouts, scarves, hats gloves and cute winter clothes!

See! Hats and scarves and snow are fun!

I miss this hat. I'll have to find a replacement.

Look how exciting hats and scarves and winter are! Can’t wait!

And shhhhhhhh Christmas season is creeping in. Here’s the tiniest taste of it. More will come later. (:

The Holly and the Ivy. (Christmas is coming!)

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