Bicep tendon tear

I am the the proud owner of a fo realz bicep tendon tear.
Well… I don’t know if ‘proud’ is the correct word. BUT I am extremely happy to have a diagnosis besides subacromial impingement cause for all the physical therapy, massage therapy and NSAIDs I was doing, that shit wasn’t healing. Excuse my french. So you can imagine my excitement when the doctor ultrasounded my shoulder on thursday and found the tear. A little 1.6 x 1.5 cm tear in my bicep tendon by the shoulder. She also ultrasounded my rotator cuff and verified the MRI results that there wasn’t any tear in that area, but she could tell it was inflammed. Then she used the ultrasound to verify placement of the needle to inject my shoulder with the dextrose/ marcaine/ something else solution so it can go cause irritation to the area (a pro-inflammatory response as it were) so that lots and lots of healing factors can come in and patch up the tear. That’s the hope. I’ll probably end up getting at least 3 injections about 4 weeks apart.
How exciiiiiting!

Now, I’m not gonna lie. If this works for my shoulder I am going in there to address the calf pain issue probably before the shoulder treatments are done. Because I still get the SAME level of pain in my calf now as I did when I was doing PT for it last november. That ain’t right. So I’m thinking there could be a tear there or something else that really really needs to be addressed in order to get me fully functional. Not to mention the longer I leave it undone, the longer it will take to get back to healthy. Duh. Also, my mom pointed out this weekend that it’s not normal for a person to be in pain every day. And I don’t mean something occasionally hurts throughout the day. I mean there is a constant unrelenting throb, ache, twinge or straight up shooting pain in either my shoulder or my calf all day. Every day. Yeah… let’s get that fixed.

Phew. Man that ended up being a lot more info on injuries of ze body that I was intending to write. And can I put in the disclaimer that I know I am incredibly lucky? I know there are people out there with Lupus, cancer, multple broken body parts, Lymes disease, arthritis, Crohns, amputations, plus a variety of illnesses. I can breathe on my own. I can walk and hike and go to the gym even if it does hurt. I can perform daily activities on my own. These are little things I take for granted and I know many people aren’t able to do these things. So yes, I am blessed and I don’t want you to think I’m ungrateful. I’m simply trying to do what I can with the resources available to me to get my body back in healthy working order so I can do my absolutely favorite things in the world.
…Did that make sense?

AND NOW since I missed it yet again, here are my Thankful Things Thursday a little late!

Airborne Toxic Event concerts. I love this band so much. If you haven’t heard of them, go listen to them. Right now.

The Airborne Toxic event rocks. Hands down.

Visiting Grandma. She is a classy, clever, sassy lady.

Three generations. Grandma, Mom and me.

Gingerbread houses!

My grandma and I used to make a gingerbread house every Christmas that I visited. My mom remembered and brought one for us to make!

Christmas decorations. It’s December. I am officially excited for Christmas. (:

Christmas lights! Wreaths! Pretty decorations!

My family. I realized I don’t write about how amazing my mom and dad are, but you should know that they are in fact, amazing. I love them.

Pumpkin cinnamon chip bread. Especially when it’s in muffin form and shared with certain people on their birthday.

Rollerstaking. My old friend from college and myself went to a rollerskating rink on saturday and it was a total throwback to my elementary school days. Hello limbo and four corners. I’d forgotten about you. I’m so glad the Cha Cha dance came to play with you too. It was fun.

And I’ll leave you with this quoted to start off your week:

‘At least I’ve learned this much:
life doesn’t have to be
all poetry and roses. Life
can be buse rides, gritty sidewalks,
electric bills, dishwashing,
chapped lips, dull stubby pencils
with the erasers chewed off,
cheap radios played too loud,
the rank smell of stale coffee
yet still glow
with the inner fire of an opal,
still taste like honey.’
-Julie Alger (1927-1994)

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One Response to Bicep tendon tear

  1. Katie says:

    It sounds like you had a whirlwind weekend my Roommate. I’m glad they have finally figured out at least half of what is not working right. Good for you. Also, roller skating is awesome. I’m glad you had fun.

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