Letters and found notes

Hellooooo! It’s been a while. I know. I have a secret to share with you. (thus making it not a secret anymore. whoops) My laptop computer that I post on is slow. as. molasses. Seriously. Which I why I typically only post once or twice a week. I can post off ze ipad but for some reason I can’t put pretty pictures in when I use the ipad. So in an effort to post more frequently, I may abandon the laptop for some posts. You won’t get as many fantastic naturey pictures which I’m sure you’ll be broken up about buuuuut whatever. Win some lose some eh?

Here’s a picture. It’s December, in case you didn’t know.

This is actually a picture from last year. Our mantle looks ways better this year.

And back to business. Myself and a number of totally awesome people have made lists of things to accomplish before our next birthday. One of the things I wanted to do was write a friend or family member at least once a week. I love receiving letters. I think it’s sad that it’s a custom which has fallen by the wayside. There’s just something to be said for walking in your door and seeing a real live letter addressed to you! Not an email or a text message, but actual paper in your hands letting you know someone you care about took the time to sit down and write just to you. It’s amazing. Especially when most of the mail addressed to me is medical bills. Boo. And I’ve found I really enjoy writing letters to people.
So when I read the title of one of my favorite blogs, katy loves. I got goosebumps. The World Needs More Love Letters. I was so thrilled to read about this organization! Katy writes many thoughtful and insightful posts, and this one is my favorite so far.
I won’t repost everything from the World Needs More Love Letters, but the moral of the story is it’s a group of people who write and leave letters all over the place, hoping the right person will pick them up. They also do a love letter bundle each month. A love letter bundle is a group of letters addressed to a chosen person. This person has unknowingly had someone else send a request for a love letter. The group sends a bundle of letters to this person with a letter on top detailing why they’re holding a bunch of letters from complete strangers.
This takes no big time commitment on your part. It costs you a stamp. But imagine how much joy and hope it can give the recipient. Anthony is receiving the love letter this month. His story: Anthony recently lost the love of his life and high school sweetheart to a 10-year battle with cancer. The two were one anothers’ first loves and Anthony held her hand, fighting until the end. Anthony’s niece requested this letter for her uncle, writing “She was his best friend and soul mate. They had no children, just each other. The holidays will be really hard for him this year so I think he would benefit greatly from these love letters.”

So obviously once I read Katy’s post I had to write a letter. I hope the letters he receives will ease his pain just a little bit.

And again in weird crazy coincidence land, I was flipping through books at my favorite used bookstore Chop Suey, and out fell this pile of notes. They were thoughts and phrases the person had jotted down while reading the book. One of the largest printed phrases was ‘Healthy Optimism’.
How cool is that.

Lights! and reindeer! Lights!

PS in case you weren’t aware. It’s TOTALLY Christmas season!

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