Thankful things thursday

It’s thursday! Yay! I am actually posting a thankful things thursday post on the correct day. Yes, yes I know. Go ahead, pick your jaw up off the floor.

1. Haircuts! I’ve never had hair shorter than my shoulders before so this is kind of a big change. I did locks of love. Yes, I realize there is controversy about it, but I figured if there’s a chance it could help someone it was worth doing.

Short hair. #awkwardselftakenpicture

Different angle. Still awkward. Also notice the christmas tree background! (that was purposeful)

Also, I realized I never had short hair before because I always felt it needed to be long enough for a ponytail or braided pigtails for frisbee/ running/ mountain biking/ etc etc. Silver lining of being sidelined- trying new hair!

2. Nyquil and sleeping for 12 hours. I worked this past weekend. We had our christmas party the same night. I’ve been determined to get gifty things done and go to the gym and do my PT. My body rebelled. I’m trying to appease it with zinc tablets, emergen-C and nyquil. And tea. I think… it’s working.

3. Candy canes. Duh.

Christmas table at home home. Candy cane candles.

(Yes, these are not candy canes. But they are close! And it is a pretty picture.)

4. Christmas cards and christmas presents! Both giving and receiving.

5. My gym. I may not say this enough but the gym I normally go to rocks. They have great equipment, friendly staff and many many workout rooms. And a few of the ladies/ girls who work at the check in desk complimented my haircut! I always feel like they have no idea who I am (even though I’m in there a lot) but they recognize me. It makes me happy- annnd I know I’m a dork.

6. Going out to listen to bands. I find myself more and more like my dad. He used to come home from work and ask if I wanted to go check out a band playing in town. Obviously being a too cool for school teenager I would turn him down. …Now I find myself asking friends if they want to go listen to this band I read about. And if no one wants to come, I’ll go on my own. Just like mah pops.

Mikel of the Airborne Toxic Event. We're getting married. He just doesn't know it yet.

7. My shoulder does not hurt nearly as much as it did a month ago. This. is. awesome. Healthy optimism. Healthy optimism.

8. CANDY CANES. Oh I mentioned this already? Well then. Christmas cookies. How about that!?!

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One Response to Thankful things thursday

  1. roommate says:

    i love love love your new hair. and miss your face. and your mom and dad

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