Christmas and New Year’s Eve

Why, it’s a new year now. Hello 2012. I expect great things from you. But I’m getting a bit ahead of myself. Let’s back up a bit.

Christmas? It was lovely. Went home on friday and spent the weekend with the family and got to see some old friends too.

I love baking cookies. Especially Christmas cookies.

Christmas decorations in the apartment. I love the lights!

Greenhouse coffee for a Christmas Eve cappucinno. My dad and I met a fella who had ridden down to Panama on his motorcycle.

I met up with Ali at the Teahouse for hot tea and talk of hot boys.

The Christmas tree at home. We are very blessed people.

It was quite nice. And I am now the excited owner of a sleeping bag and tent! Hellloooo outdoor adventures. I hope you’re ready for me.

Did everyone have a fabulous new year’s weekend? I had a blast. I got to go listen to The Hot Seats out at Ashland Coffee and Tea on friday which was AWESOME. I love their style of music. If they come near you I highly recommend going.

The Hot Seats. Apologies for the poor picture. Maybe you can't tell from here but they are having a good time playing some music.

High energy music involving string instruments and great (sometimes hilariously wacky) lyrics. Definitely a rollicking good time. And New Year’s Eve was very fun. Friends within walking distance hosted a party which was a full of merriment involving tasty eats, plenty of beverage options, a sprint down Cary St. to watch the countdown and the ball (drop? get raised?) and the chance to catch up with friends.

Out on the streets with friends. You all already know I can't take normal pictures. It's ok. I've embraced it.

A definite success. Plus the host and hostess just got engaged! I’m so happy for them. (:

I also got to go exploring in the trail system along the river yesterday which was wonderful. I love finding new trails, especially ones that involve secret hideouts and perfect climbing trees!

Now, obviously it’s a new year. And trust me, resolutions have been made. I’ll be posting highlights and lowlights which occured over the past year. (I KNOW you’re SUPER excited and interested.)

But if you’ll excuse me, I really really need to go set up a tent in my living room. And possibly crawl into it with my sleeping bag. After all, this weekend is almost over. I currently have no plans for next weekend. And I believe the mountains may be calling my name. That or the beach. Definitely one of the two.

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