Dear 2012

I’d really like us to be friends. I think we have a good fighting chance at getting to know each other and having some awesome adventures. Things started off well, right? There was hiking and roller skating and tasty chinese food and movie nights and delicious dinners with favorite C where I tried Mahi Mahi for the first time and loved it.

Now, it seems like you’re trying to tell me to back off and not get too excited about the year so fast. I mean, today you threw me a diagnoses of a stress fracture of the fibula as the reason why my calf still hurts daily from injuring it on November 4, 2010. Granted I’m excited to have a legit diagnosis, but for real?! A stress fracture? With a possible tug lesion? That I’ve been attempting to rehab, walk, mountain bike, do yoga, use the X-trainer at the gym, hike, and in the beginning RUN on? This is slightly difficult to keep a completely positive spin on. On the one hand I am SUPER excited to get this nonsense repaired. The doctor wants to do a CT scan to verify what level of stress fracture is going on in there. (2012 you are going to be rough on my savings account aren’t you? And here I thought 2011 was a tricky devil.) I’m a little nervous to see what walking etc etc for almost 1 & 1/2 years on a stress fracture has done to my poor calf. And what sort of rehab this will entail. But man to get it completely healed! Running again! Daily pain gone! This is big stuff 2012! So much excitement I’m overusing exclamation points!!!

On the other hand, really. Really did this just happen? How dumb can I be to have been walking etc etc around on this for so long and not have gotten a second opinion? Why did my first doctor and physical therapist not diagnose it correctly and not pay attention apparently when I talked about the pain on the side of my calf? I literally laughed when the xray came up on the screen today and my doctor pointed to my fibula and said I had incurred a stress fracture.  Because really what else was I going to do? 

So. 2012. I have faith in us. I think we can go far.

Really this has no relevance to the post. But I love Savannah.

Forsyth Park. I am going there this year. I don't know when, how or with whom. I just know it is going to happen.

I intend to go back to Savannah and NYC this year.  We got places to go, 2012.

I like Astoria. And NYC. And bridges. This picture is all three of those things.

I guess you want me to be completely healthy and healed and happy and that road ain’t easy so we might as well get truckin right? Ok. I’m in. Let’s do this.


PS thanks for telling my Dad to get me a sleeping bag and tent. I may or may not be lying on my sleeping bag in said tent in the living room. Right now.

This is a tent. It is outside unlike the tent I have right now. But my tent will be outside. It will rock the pants off of outside.

(No, I didn’t actually get around to setting it up sunday. My B.) I’m ways excited to take them outside soon!

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