On thinking ‘Oh well’ vs. ‘I wish’

I am not big on regret. You do it or don’t, things happen and you move on. If something didn’t go the way you hoped then you think about it, learn from it and keep going. Re-analyzing things over and over again doesn’t actually make what happened change. Shocker, I know.
However if I could tell my past self one thing, it would be to listen better to my body and take better care of myself. 6 weeks of rest during the height of summer seems IMPOSSIBLE but it sure as hell is a lot shorter than 8 months of pain and inability to do things.
Sigh. And so, with 5 weeks until the shoulder recheck I am focus focus focusing on being good.

And in other news, my fibula is not actually currently broken! How exciting. The doctor said it was fractured, the muscles and tissue surrounding it tried over and over again to help hold it together and since I didn’t KNOW IT WAS BROKEN (insert multiple curses aimed at that first doctor) and kept doing things with it that muscle adhesions have formed. She likened it to ripping off a scab over and over and over again never letting the area heal and forming more and more scar tissue and adhesions.
So…. my calf is essentially one giant deformed tight crusty scab? Awesome. Initiating PT and antiimflammatory creme (gotta be topical, can’t mess with the proinflamatory thing we need to go down in the shoulder) and get rechecked in 6 weeks.
The good news is both the doctor and my Physical therapist-A seem awfully optimistic about me getting back to running. Like soon. The phrase ‘No reason why this shouldnt improve in 6 weeks’ was uttered. A said she wanted to analyze my running gait and made it sound as though I will be trying to do baby running steps before summer.

Is it terrible that I have my doubts? I think I just need to have a few more questions answered before I’m totally on board. But until then, I will PT the heck out of it (you can just imagine the PT sessions going on after work. It’s me, my living room and 8-15 exercises. I lead an exciting live. It’s ok to be jealous.). I will apply this creme junks 4 times a day. And I will wear my brace or compression socks.

Giddy up.

This is why it's hard to be intelligent during the summer. The outdoors are intoxicating.

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