Thankful things Thursday: hopeful edition

Omg. It’s been forever since one of these popped up. Here’s to getting back to more thankful Thursday action!

So here goes. Things I am thankful for today include:

Really surprisingly warm winter days. I went hiking today. In shorts and a long sleeve shirt.

This was from a hiking day. But not today. It was frigid on the mountains. But look at the pretty valley!

Mountains. I like.

Rainy days. On the flip side of today, I was totally happy to have a weekend of gross cold sort of rainy sort of drizzly weather. It was perfect inside drinking coffee or wine, watch movies and get stuff done in the apt weather.

My physical therapist A. She rocks. And the poor woman has been dealing with me and my stupid broken self for almost 10 months now. And she continues to try and fix my injured parts as well as not yell at me. It’s impressive.

But I make cookies to bribe you to keep treating me! Win win right?

Coffee with homemade whipped cream. It’s. So. Good.

The future baby of the other C! My friend is having a baby boy. She just found out the gender yesterday. I am so excited for this kid to hurry up and get here!

Crossword puzzles. I’m trying to do the more often. You know, keep the brain active and what not. I’m fairly terrible at it currently.

Hope. HOLY COW is that cheesy or what?! But seriously. As quoted in A Knight’s Tale, ‘Hope guides me. It is what gets me through the day and especially the night.’. Granted in that particular scene it’s all about getting the love of your life back, but whatever. Same idea right?

Hope is what keeps me doing my physical therapy exercises and going to the gym to workout intelligently and not go all crazy trying to do too much. The hope that if I stay calm and work hard that eventually (aka sometime this year pretty pretty please) I will be out there running, mountain biking and playing ultimate again.

I’m also going to learn how to breakdance. I’ve wanted to learn how for about 8 years and I was too scared to try it. How dumb right?! Next time I have the ability to do something but hesitate to do it, I hope I remember this moment. (You should keep in mind that I am very white. I have virtually no rhythm. But I really really want to learn how to breakdance.)

Crazy person on a beach in january is excited to learn how to breakdance eventually!

So. Happy thankful things thursday! The end.

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