I’m learning things by living this life

I swear! Namely, to be good to my body. I went hiking this weekend as part of the ‘birthday at home celebration’ and it was very fun. And cold. And windy at the top. I actually ended up doing two hikes- a mini hike out by the barn on a trail which I had forgotten was surprisingly steep. And then humpback rock, which is a great short kick your butt hike with a fantastic view.

This is not the top of a mountain. It is a falling down pier on Assateague. It's still cool. And it was very cold.

And my butt was in fact, kicked. I didn’t realize it until I got back to Richmond Saturday night. I got out of the car, took two steps and almost fell down because of my left butt cheek. Yes. My gluteus medias I believe. It hurt. A lot. And children, guess what I did not do Sunday OR Monday? Thaaaaaat’s right! I did not work out. In the past I would have pushed myself to at least go on a brisk walk Sunday and definitely would have gone to the gym Monday. However since I have been diligently working on being kind to my body and intelligent about working out decisions I opted to rest Sunday (well I did my PT. And abs. Obviously.) and just do PT Monday. Guess what? It worked. I know you are shocked to hear that I woke up today with just a twinge of soreness and I was able to go ride the bike sans any butt pain tonight. VICTORY. Aka baby steps. Baby steps.
Also… For my birthday my mom gave me a special compression heat/ice wrap as well as this crazy looking brace wrap for my shoulder. And a bathrobe. And I was stoked about both of them. I know you’re jealous of how awesome my life is that I get sleepwear and brace wraps as presents.

Basically what I’m stumbling my way through saying is that tomorrow is my birthday. And I think one of the biggest lessons I learned during the previous year is the need to listen to my body and take care of it. Because I would like to have many more birthdays.
And not spend them in a wheelchair because I insist on being stupid.

I plan to breakdance, rock climb, kick box, kayak rapids, go to Paris, ride again, bike the Shenandoah parkway, return to Savannah, coach ultimate, visit the desert, mountain bike, practice yoga, see the redwoods and so much more.

Alien landscape. Maybe I'll go live in a foreign place.

As Calvin says, ‘It’s a magical world Hobbes old buddy. Let’s go exploring!’

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