Thankful things Thursday: she loved life and it loved her right back

So in my mind I wrote and posted a thankful things post last Thursday.
Annnnd apparently in reality, I did not.

Sometimes it happens. I was running around trying to get prepped for birthday weekend o’fun, the most important errand being finding a giant red sweatshirt to cut up and make off the shoulder for an 80s dance party Friday. Priorities people.

But back to thankful things!

I’m going to get slightly out of control and do two weeks worth of things I am thankful for.

Birthday celebrations! I had a wonderful birthday thanks to awesome friends, co workers and family. They all rock. As did the roller skating that happened on my birthday.

Making smart decisions. Tweaked hip/ butt on that hike as detailed here. It seemed better then got upset at rollerskating and the ridiculous number of squats I did at PT last Thursday. The universe decided I should not go dancing Friday night and instead should sit down. (in a broken down car in dc, but ok. Adventures!). I have not been to the gym at all this week. I KNOW. This is big, people.

I will keep making smart decisons so I can mountain bike and look like this again. Well not really cause I have gloves. Duh.

Sports massage therapy. Enough said.

Having amazing friends who don’t freak out that their car just broke down in dc on the way to go dancing. And who don’t just humor my bouncy self dancing in the car whilst waiting for the tow truck, but who dance along.

What do you do when you're sitting in the car waiting for the tow truck? Take pictures- obvi!

Going to Rosie connellys to listen to an Irish music jam session. It had just about everything you’d want: good friends, tasty drinks (hello winter warmer. I’ll be back for you), cozy atmosphere, Irish tunes and a fairly unique appearance apparently by a young man playing the irish pipes. Rock. On.


This is Champ. He died a few years ago but he was my lab and he was perfect.

Reunions at mdub. And fantastic friends who are willing to rack up in a nice hotel room to go bopping around fredvegas for a weekend.

The belltower of UMW. I love it now. I did not love it when they were building it right outside of our dorm.

Future roommate get togethers. Next weekend my roommate is coming to see me. And other people too, I guess.

Central Park. No relevance to this post except I want to go there again.

Jokes. Always the jokes. ‘What did the ranch say to the refrigerator door? Close the door I’m dressing!’. Bwahahahaha.

Compression socks. And my shock compression brace. They make life nicer.

Happy Thursday!

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One Response to Thankful things Thursday: she loved life and it loved her right back

  1. roommate says:

    less than a week roommate can’t wait to see you and champ is perfect.

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