Birthdays and happyvalentinesday.

Happy birthday to my Dad! Valentine’s day was always pretty fun at our house- mom and I got cards and gifts to celebrate Dad’s bday, made dinner and dessert and dad brought home flowers for us! Love all around.

Happy birthday Dad!

Today I celebrated 2/14/12 by working late, finishing a present for my roommate and overdosing on sugar along with the rest of my coworkers. Intense cases + 2 giant baskets of candy result in hyperactive staff with achy stomachs from being unable to quit eating sugar!
I’m also excited to be going home on Thursday to celebrate Dad’s birthday in person and to greet my roommate when she gets in from KY. Woot!
In other, more sweaty news, guess who has two thumbs and went to the gym sat, sun and mon? That’s right, this girl! So that whole resting thing to prevent injuries…whoever came up with that idea may have been onto something. Weird.

Dear past Christine, if you listen to your body and rest when it hurts you can do fun things later. And you won't be sidelined for 1 &1/2 years. 2,6, and even 8 weeks is nothing. Mk? Sincerely, present day Christine.

I hope everyone else had a great day filled with lots o’love! (and sugar, you know if that’s your thing.) Here’s to waking up tomorrow without that yucky feeling from eating way way too much candy.

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