Thankful things Thursday: I refuse to get sick edition

Today it is all about airborne, emergen-C, cough drops and allergy meds.  You know this girl is not about to get laid up by a silly cold when there are plans for roommate rendezvous, family dinners and general merriment.  So without any further ado….

Things I am thankful for this Thursday-

Having time to go out and stock up on warding off cold meds yesterday.  Helloooooo zinc tabs, airborne and allergy meds.  What up.

Nyquil.  Yes nyquil gets its own category.  Who doesn’t love being able to sleep through the night when you’re feeling congested and icky?

MGMT.  Particularly their song Indie Rokkers.  Love it.  Over and over and over again.

You may know this, but they also do that 'trees' song. I realize it's called 'kids' but in my head it was always the tree song.

Smoothies.  Mmmmm delicious sweet nutritional tasty goodness that feels good going down.  

Mmmm smoothies.

Sweat.  Yes sweat!  Today I got to get all super sweaty on the stationary bike and it felt so good.  Yesterday I had to be content with a walk 4 min jog 1 min on the treadmill.  And because of the slow pace I have to keep I don’t get particularly sweaty doing it.  Plus it
made my calf hurt more.  Thus back to the bike!

You're not tired of me talking about how much I can't wait to mountain bike again are you? Okgoood! It's what this thing is for.

The massive number of PT exercises I have.  I’m telling you, if you need any exercises to tone or strengthen your ankles, calves, hamstrings, quads, glutes, core, shoulders, or arms I. Am. Your. Girl.   And seriously if I am not the buffest I’ve ever been after all this rehab is done, something has gone horribly wrong.  

My roommate is on her way to see me now!!!   

And now I think it’s time for another airborne.  Seriously.  Must not get sick.

Happy thursday! 

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