Thankful things Thursday: water aerobics with older ladies

It’s Thursday! And it was gorgeous out. And again, it’s Thursday! So instead of being grouchy about not being able to go do super active things outside I will be thankful for what I do have and what new things i did try today. Yay!

Things I am thankful for include-

Getting in the pool at my gym for the first time ever. I went to the water aerobics class advertised as ideal for moderate exercise, pregnant women or people recovering from injuries.’. HELLO I don’t know if you’ve been keeping up but that last one mint just describe perfectly.
It was fairly entertaining. I’ll be interested to see if I’m sore tomorrow (I could also be sore due to the Bosu leg workout and/ or the 8 faster miles I did on the stationary bike as well though… Whoops). I was definitely the youngest there by far. But who doesn’t love a bunch of older ladies bouncing around in the shallow end with their aqua weights? I also kind of used it as incentive to get into the pool area to suss out the pool jogging situation. That’s next on my to do list.

Shorts. Sandals. And pretty swishy dresses. It was springlike almost summer weather today and I took advantage like you wouldn’t believe.

Soon it will be warm and the leaves will be back and green and it will be splendid.

Compression sleeves. Yes I took myself down to buy some sweet ass compression sleeves to…. sleep in! Yes! I am gonna be that girl. The guy at the sports store said, ‘So do you want these for recovery, blood clots or….?’. And his face when I replied ‘Stress fracture gone horribly wrong.’ was awesome. Oh and ps I drooled over all the fellas at this store. They were quite. Attractive. Sorry off topic? Right. Compression sleeves. Own them. Moving on!

Pizza. And cannolis. And someone else paying for dinner. Nice! Cannoliiiiiiiiiiii so good. So so so good.

The song Domino by Jesse J. It has been my main jam the past few days. And the girl can legit sing!

I guess overall I’d have to say I’m very thankful to be feeling calmer than I was earlier this week. That is very nice.

What about you?!

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One Response to Thankful things Thursday: water aerobics with older ladies

  1. Roommate says:

    Domino is my jam too! It is my favorite song to listen to in the morning while driving to work.

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