High/ lows

My college frisbee team used to do ‘high/ lows’ after tournament weekends. We’d go around listing our favorite and least favorite moments of the weekend, on or off the field. For example: high was a sweet layout to get the the disc in front of the defender, low was throwing a dump pass away. It was a great thing to relive the glory moments and fun times while also discussing what we could improve on.
And, as I was feeling bit nostalgic, I was thinking I’d do high/ low for this weekend! (oh also it’s totally legit to have multiple high lows. Just fyi).

I’d say my low was either not getting my butt out the door in time to attend a service at a church I’ve been thinking about trying or having my shoulder seriously hurt all day yesterday. I even took ibuprofen which I rarely rarely do for aches and pains. Highs would be a total ‘me’ saturday, and a 15 mile indoor bike ride today. Oh and i finally finished the book I’ve been reading for the past few weeks. Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. I spent Saturday morning curled up on my couch in my bathrobe with a cup of coffee and the book. I highly recommend the book. While it took me longer to read than most books, it was very worth it. I also watched 50/50 with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Dreamboat! I really enjoyed the movie, even it was about a young man with cancer. It was very realistic and made you think. Plus…. Joseph Gordon-Levitt!

In other news, my recheck for shoulder and calf is Thursday. I’m not expecting great news as the shoulder has become painful again the past few weeks and while the calf is better than it was it is still no where near running functional. But I guess I’ll find out thrusday huh? Fingers crossed pleaseeeeee.

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