Thankful things Thursday: Gait analysis edition

Thankful things Thursday:  Gait analysis edition

Hello friends!  Today my wonderful amazing PT evaluated how I run.  It was pretty cool to see, I’m not gonna lie.  I already knew I overpronated but with the help of my orthotics and shoes my left leg stays pretty well aligned when running while my right (aka problem child) leg falls in from knee to ankle.  
A is having me work on a lot of hip strengthening exercises over the next few days/ weeks to correct the overpronation which will help take a load off the calf so it doesn’t have to work as hard.  (and can hopefully heal up faster!). She was working on my calf before the analysis and there was one point where her thumb crossed over this giant knot and I could feel it pop out under her thumb and she was like, ‘Oh my.  That’s quite impressive.’.  And I was like ‘yes.  Yes that felt very weird.  So…. Not normal?  Ok great.’. But seriously if I had the money I would get a sports massage every day.  Or every week.  It feels horrible and amazing all at the same time and afterwards it just feels amazing.  

With that in mind, here are the things I am thankful for today!

Sports massages.  HELLO.

My PT.  She rocks.

Flowers.  Especially pretty flowers in wine bottle vases.  (the poor girls’ vase)

Hikes.  Even when I see mtn bikers and am all like ‘omgeeeee I wish I were you so much right now can you see the hunger in my eyes is this weird?’ I love hiking around my old mtn bike trails.  Plus… And this might be blasphemy but mtn bikers are ways more friendly than runners.  Just sayin.

Spring first, then summer!

A clean room.  I went on a room cleaning rampage the other weekend and have kept it fairly neat ever since.  Win.

Nice people.  Obvi.

My foam roller(s).  Because I am lame and have two: one big one little for traveling purposes.  They make my hips and quads feel nice.  

What about you?!

(whoops it’s Friday. I wanted to add pictures but went out and listened to some bluegrass with a friend instead. New photos to come soon, promise!)

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One Response to Thankful things Thursday: Gait analysis edition

  1. What a great post! I think we should all have a thankful Thursday at least once in a while 🙂

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