Chipotle and being grateful

Happy Wednesday! Is it as gorgeous outside where you are as it here? Because it is flipping fabulous here. Slightly alarming because it’s ummm 87 degrees on 3.14 (what up pi day!) but whateves.

Anyways. So I have complicated feelings towards this unseasonably warm weather and the early time change (FYI it’s typically the last weekend in march. Apparently.) because while I love love love warm sunny weather and being able to get out and enjoy it after work, I am still broken. And monday after work I was a completely snarkball. One big ms. crankypants headed to the gym to workout while it was beauuuuuutiful outside. Luckily BOSU lunges and a sweat filled stationary bike ride helped kick that nasty mood. Thank you endorphins.

Later sunsets are nice. Usually.

However I then woke up tuesday morning barely able to move my neck. Seriously. I thought I was going to cry when I tried to turn my alarm off. WHO DOES THAT?! I can only assume I slept wrong. Or something. It still hurt quite a bit today and the only thing that relieves the pain is lying down. Sitting makes it a little better. But I’m pretty sure this is God’s way of saying “You think not being able to exercise outside is bad? Foolish girl. Try not being able to move at all. Suck it up princess.” With that in mind, yesterday I walked a little bit outside after work. And got Chipotle. Oh delicious delicious burrito it had been too long. And I figured I might as well be grateful for what I can do. Which is eat. …I mean, work out at the gym. When my neck is better. Obvs. Cause at least that’s something, right?!

So here’s to you Gym. And you Burrito. Thanks for being there. Oh and you too pretty spring flowers. You’re nice too.

Why hello spring.

If you know what kind of flowers these are, feel free to enlighten me!

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