Thankful Things Thursday: Short and sweet

There seems to be a pattern with my blogging.  AKA for the most part I post on thursdays.  Why?  Because thanks to Ali who started all this and isn’t annoyed (so far) that I borrow (steal) her idea every Thursday,  I get to list the things I’m thankful for and I like that. 

And this Thursday I am thankful for:

Feeling better!  Sports massages and muscle relaxers are helping this girl out.  My neck is almost back to normal.  (:

Spring flowers.  They is pretty.

Another picture where I'm all like look look look at the light and the flowers and the oh-so-gorgeousness!

Eric from True Blood.  Yes.  I said it.

The rivah. Looking forward to rivah days this summer!

Mmmm lazy river days.

And tomorrow I am going to listen to some sweet jams after work with awesome people. What up!

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