St. Patrick’s Day and back to morning workouts

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend. I had a blast. One of those weekends that seemed way too short. It started with fantastic music on Friday night- the Hot Seats at Ashland Coffee and Tea and just got better with a close friend from college coming to visit on Saturday for St. Patricks day! (Disclaimer: no green beer was imbibed during her visit. But we did break open the bottle of generic Baileys). We ventured down to ‘Shamrock the Block’ on Saturday and waded through the crowds of green wearing, sweating, slurring, stumbling, yelling, baby toting, smiling people. It would not occur to me to bring a baby, toddler or child under 18 really to this event but hey, different people obviously have different thoughts on what they’d like to expose their child to. I also saw a ton of puppies and for the most part they looked overheated. So we stopped in the middle of the hoards, took a picture and kept on trucking until we reached the end.

Hoo boy! It sure was an experience. We ended up at Cap Ale for a more relaxed good time sitting in their outdoor patio. And for random encounters of the weekend, I saw a kid from my summer league team whilst walking to cap Ale and ran into an acquaintance from college at Cap Ale! Small world people. Small world.

Now, in a total change of topic, I have decided I need to start working out in the mornings before work again. I couldn’t remember why I had chosen to make that switch back in the fall and I quickly remembered last Monday when it was flipping gorgeous outside and I had to get my exercise fix inside because I (everyone chime in now, you know the refrain!) can’t run or mountain bike.

Pictures of hiking/ biking trails. You're bored of these now? I'm SO SORRY. Just kidding. I'm not sorry at all.

And I like to get some serious sweat in when I workout. Sorry. It’s an addiction, I know.
So I think my goal over the next two weeks will be to get to the gym before work at least 4 times. Baby steps. That way I can enjoy the nce weather by hiking around, going to the river, etc after work.

Yay for planning things. Have a FANTASTIC Tuesday!

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One Response to St. Patrick’s Day and back to morning workouts

  1. strangerstilnow says:

    beautiful photo. good for you roommmate

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