Perspectives and happy friday things

Did anyone else have a busy work week? Cause oh man it just felt crazy here all week. I was super happy when Thursday (aka my day off) rolled around. So happy in fact that I didn’t even post things I’m thankful for. I was off doing errands, PT, hiking, river lazing, trying a new ab workout that kicked my butt, cleaning me room and enjoying having a friend cook me a tasty dinner. (What up). I guess you could say I’m thankful for being able to do all those things! I also signed up to do this volunteer thing called an ‘Urban Farm Workday’ Saturday morning. I’m kind of excited and nervous all at the same time. Nervous cause what if I a) am terrible at everything, b) am not helpful because of my various stupid injuries or c) find it really really dull. But I’m excited because new people! New places! Outdoorsy things! Helping the world! (or a small part of RVa. Whateves).

I’m also looking forward to the Irish festival in Church Hill. Yay for more Irishy things going on in Richmond! I also want to try and put up a few more pictures in my room if it’s rainy this weekend as predicted. I’m debating between buying a pre made cork board frame at target or trying to make my own. Keep in mind I am not crafty. But I am also cheap. Hmm.

Bridges. You know my weird love of bridges by now right? Too bad I'm not nearly crafty enough to build a bridge.

Now, some random thoughts for you because it’s Friday and I feel rather scattered.

Whenever I hear about people getting upset because they had to miss a long training run or got sick and couldn’t work out for 3 days which is totally going to derail their plan or they have some body part that kind of hurts but they’ll give it a day to rest and then go on a run to see what it feels like I have to shake my head. Most days with a probably annoying half smile and a pair of quickly raised and lowered eyebrows. I’m happy to listen and empathasize but some days I just want to shake them and say ‘YOU KNOW NOTHING’. You don’t know what it’s like. But at the same time I understand. It’s amazing to get caught up in a goal and so easy to become completely wrapped up in it so you don’t see potential harms to yourself until it’s too late. Be smart people. And enjoy the incredible gift that is your body. Take care of it, explore all the things it’s capable of. Just don’t run it into the ground like me.

I am in love with the song ‘Rivers and Roads.’ by the Head and the Heart. I saw them on Wednesday and if you ever get a chance to go to one of their shows do it! They were fantastic live.

For some reason this picture seemed appropriate to
place here. It is neither a river nor a road. Oh well.

I’m going to my first book club meeting on Monday. I’m geekily excited. Don’t judge.

I plan to see the Hunger Games on my next day off. Trying to avoid the crowds, you know. I also apparently need to see 21 Jump Street.

Enjoy your weekend!

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