Perfect for transplanting and getting better.

Hok.  So once again I missed thankful things Thursday.  My B.  An update of things referenced in my previous post and then we’ll move right along.  

Firstly, I did not make good on my plan to get to the gym before work.  Once. Yes.  Kind of a major fail on that account.  I realized on 3 of the 4 days I would only have to time do a 30 minute workout combined with 10 minutes of stretching.  This wouldn’t include any PT, weight training etc.  I just couldn’t wrap my mind around waking up an hour or hour and a half earlier to do that.  I may try again later this month or next month.  We shall see.
Secondly, I had a great time and even felt useful at the volunteer gig!  And having a limitation actually forced me to step outside of what I would have normally volunteered doing (ie shoveling compost, wheelbarrowing massive amounts of mulch, churning dirt) and try my hand at moving little baby seedlings from their big bunch to an individual little spot so they could be sold. The volunteer coordinators were really understanding when I said I couldn’t lift or move anything over 15 lbs and said I would be perfect for transplanting. It was great!

Things I transplanted were not flowers. They were lettuce varieties and some type of pepper. But I have pictures of flowers not lettuce. They're all in the plant family right?

Now.  Things with various injuries are finally getting better!  I realize that they have been improving over the months but it’s such a slow process that sometimes it doesn’t seem like anything is happening.  But I’ve been able to practice yoga at home, steadily increasing the amount of time spent on the mat.  Yay!  When I get up to an hour and am able to stay there without pain for a few sessions I may even go back to class!!!
AND big news my darling PT said I should start throwing in a little bit of jogging when I’m out walking.  Nothing strenuous or crazy but she did say that there are fewer knots, lesions, balls of scar tissue whatever in ze calf and the ones that are still there are much smaller.  Awesome!

The new for realz gym at Mdub. It's pretty sweet. Maybe when I'm all better I can go throw a basketball around at my gym here. That would be nice.

The Richmond Monument 10K was yesterday and I headed out to cheer for friends running.  It was fun to see everyone running and excited to be out there.  However I failed on actually recognizing people- it was the runners who yelled out to me and not vice versa.  It’s surprisingly hard to look for people you know and cheer for them in a race!  Especially when you don’t know what they’re wearing.  Note to self: next time get people to tell me what outfits they’ll be wearing in race.  Although obviously I hope to be one of the participants in a race before the year is out!

How was everyone’s weekend?  Full of fun and merriment?  Laid back and restful?  Any sweet plans for the week?  I’ve got the Naked and Famous concert on Monday which I’m very excited about and a doctor recheck and sports massage on Thursday.  Woot!

PS  I saw the hunger games.  It was very good.  I was impressed with how well they translated everything.  I’m not in love with it but I enjoyed it a lot.  What did other people think?  

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