Ice cream sandwiches

I have been wanting to make ice cream sandwiches since the Riprap hike.  Seriously.  You can even ask the Trav.  
So today, I did something about it.  I made my standard chocolate chip cookie, let them cool and then slapped some delicious vanilla bean ice cream between two cookies and took a bite.
Verdict?  DELICIOUS.  

Field. I like. I made the Trav walk up this hill because I wanted to find out what kind of hike it turned into. Apparently it turns into the AT.

I also made a batch of these amazing vegan cookies and I’m thinking about trying the ice cream sandwich thing with them.  
And if it doesn’t work I think I’ll manage to force them down without the ice cream.  OR they may be incorporated into some sort of ice cream ball nonsense.  Interesting……

Also, I feel kind of sick.  I may have taste tested the batter.  For both batches of cookies.  And tested the cookies.  Oof.  

And in sweatier news, I did get in one walk/run this week on Thursday.  It went pretty well but the calf was fairly painful and tender on Friday.  Granted I also had a sports massage and she worked on my calf pretty hard so I’m thinking it could be a combo.  You should be proud of me though- I wanted to run more on Thursday but I didn’t!   

The gait analysis is next Thursday.  I’m actually pretty nervous about it which is silly.  But i kind of feel like it’s a test and I want so badly to have improved and be able to run more!  

The shoulder continues to improve slowly.  I’m going though most days pain free!  Yayyyyyyyy!  The doc says I have to go through two weeks of pain free living before I can start (what’s the key word everyone? Say it with me now) SLOWLY incorporating heavier lifting and more activities.  

How was everyone’s weekend?  Exciting?  Laid back?  Bluegrass band in a three sided barn in the middle of nowhere?  (Oh that was me.  And it was awesome btdubs).  

Edit: whoops, wrote this post Sunday night, posted it Monday morning.

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One Response to Ice cream sandwiches

  1. Ashley says:

    Ice cream makes everything better! A sore calf, a stubborn shoulder, and yes, even vegan (who thought of those?) cookies. I can’t believe not one of your doctors has prescribed ice cream?! Ice cream sandwiches everyday!

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