Shoulder updates and how hard is it to actually rest?

This damn shoulder. Excuse my french. But you know what, this is likely to be a cursing heavy post. If that ain’t your thang, don’t read it. I almost want to name the shoulder so I can have something specific to use when I’m particularly angry (like right now) at how it’s not improving as fast as I want. Matilda? Susan? Claude? Any suggestions?

It is better than it was in the fall, but it’s not nearly better to the point whe I can do the shit I want and need to do. As in ‘need’ for my job. It’s becoming a problem. So now the question becomes what more can I stop doing? Do I need to actually take time off work to let it rest? The massage therapist (because I am one of those people who has a physical therapist, massage therapist, doctor and entire staff of the doctor’s office who greet me by name when they see me, not just after they’ve looked at the check in sheet) thinks my coracobrachialis is super tight and unhappy. It would actually make sense to me if this were the muscle which was torn/ strained/ whatever went wrong since it’s in the correct spot, the insertion points are both where I get pain and it’s the most tender spot. Plus if it were super displeased I can only assume it would affect the bicep, resulting in pain extending down the bicep to my inner elbow. Buuut what do I know.

This is the train station. I think. Late afternoon suits it well, don’t you think? I can walk around the train station without hurting my shoulder. Which is good news I suppose.

ANYWAYS she said I should try to lightly massage it a little bit on my own when I can just to get things loosened up. And guess what? Between not lifting/ restraining weights of patients I shouldn’t be, massaging this little muscle on my shoulder, and trying really really hard not to make stupid choices the shoulder is feeling better. The question is, can I keep it up until it feels better for 2 weeks straight? And then ease my way back into real life activities? THIS SHOULD BE SO SIMPLE, yes I know. Rarr.

See! I can rest. While on the beach. When it’s 50 degrees outside and windy. And when my roommate is there.

I promise it really has been slowly improving. I guarendamntee it would be almost if not completely better now if I had just taken 3 or 4 weeks off when it first got injured and rested then pt’d the shit out of it. Hindsight. Plus I have a gigantic problem with the idea of resting, obviously. Something to work on.

Sorry for the rant-tastic post! I’ll make the next one more puppy and glitter filled, mk?

Toby! He’s older. But still very sweet.

Puppy! So who else has the ‘non-resting’ problem? Anyone? Bueller….

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3 Responses to Shoulder updates and how hard is it to actually rest?

  1. strangerstilnow says:

    1.) I like Claude. I will now only refer to your shoulder as Claude.
    2.) If you need. I can force you to go to the beach….in Van Couver. I’ll bet it is cold there and we can snuggle on the sand.
    3.) I love Toby.
    4.) I’m sorry that its not healing quicker. Bonus points though for taking such an active position in putting YOU first. proud of you roommate

    • strangerstilnow says:

      plus, i do not know why this is registering me under strangertilnow.. i guess i have an account on here from a million years ago..well its your roooommmate just so you dont think im a weirdo

      • Oh good I love Claude too. That damn claude. she never does what I want her to. (btdubs Claude is a girl. Obvi). Ps I love the fact that you had a wordpress account a thousand years ago and didnt know it. Tehe.

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