Rambling thoughts

I could not quite get my thoughts together to form a single coherent post. I figure I’d start with the results of my gait analysis.
The good news? Amy (my amazng PT) said I have greatly improved my form and the strength of my hip/ quad/ hamstring combo. The even better news? I am allowed to up my running time from 1 minute to 1 & 1/2 minutes. I KNOW! You had to sit down from too much excitement right? Of course it’s still alternated with 1 minute of walking for a max time of 10 minutes total but still. Awesome. I tried it out on Sunday and Wednesday and the calf didn’t feel any more sore than it had previously. Yes! She did say I could even try up to 2 minutes but I said let’s not get crazy. I’ll work my way up to that. And I kicked my competitive self back into a box. With a really big lock. I even told Amy to only give me the minimal amount I could increase running by because if I’m given more I feel like I have to do it. It’s a problem.
So I’ll keep at 1 & 1/2 minutes of running for a while- notice the lack of a definitive timeframe; it’s ON PURPOSE, then up it to 2 minutes, then up the total run/ walk time. Whee!

I’m pretty excited about this. Not gonna lie. With the help of the three, yes count them 3, types of calf brace/ compression things I’ve been styling, the sometimes seemingly endless stationary bike riding and occasional ellipicalling and other weird not-stair-step-not-elliptical but something in between machine my calf is slowly getting better.

I’m getting better and I’m going to run on these trails! Someday! (and shhhhh don’t tell one day I will bike these trails again)

You may dance now. It’s ok. I won’t judge. You’re not dancing? I’ll dance for you aight? I’m a Fantastic dancer. Now let’s do a quick round of thankful things just because!

Lazy afternoons at the rivah.

Yesterday afternoon looked a lot like this. But with rocks to lie on.

Running for 1 & 1/2 minutes!

The stick. Yes, That one. I’ve bee noble to work out the knots in my calf on occasion. That is huge. I used to not even be able to find one specific scar knot because the thing was basically one giant ass hardened scar tissue knot. Sexy.

Catch up gmail chats with my favorite dc livin California girl.

Sleeping in till 7:30. Ahhhhh. So happy.

Farmer’s market. A ton of kale, spinach and green beans with a side of fresh bread and honey? Why yes. Yes I will.

How was your weekend?! Exciting? Fun? Relaxing? Full of studying and grading? Tell me!

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