Abundant sunshine

I kid you not, that’s what the weather page said about today’s forecast.  How sweet is that?!  And on a thursday!  I think it calls for a definite round of ‘things I am super thankful for’ a la Ali on the Run, with the first on the list being

Summer weather!  When I walk outside I can smell green grass and honeysuckle.  It’s amazing.

I miss this. (mtn bike trail at Pocahontus).
But it’s ok! I will get back to you!

These trail mix balls.  (which because I’m 12 I still find fun to say.  Balls.  Balls balls balls). I may have thrown in some cinnamon chips and added more chocolate chips and put the whole mashup into the food processor.  And they were good.  Even people at work liked them!

Speaking of work, I am so thankful for my co workers.  I am incredibly blessed to be working with a group of people who are legit awesome.  We really are, as corny as it sounds, like a big dysfunctional family.  And many of them get my weird healthyish food eating habits, as well as the competitive athlete drive.  Again, awesome.

Desdemona.  My African violet.  Isn’t she pretty?  Apparently these things can be hard to keep alive.  Des defies all odds and continues to flourish even in the way too small pot I have her in.  Sorry about that baby.  I have plans to fix it!  

Desdemona so lovely. She was young here and she fit the pot better. Now she is overflowing.

The beach!  I’m going.  This weekend.  And I get to see my Anna!  There will be fewer shenanigans like this:

St. Patrick’s day shenanigans with my Anna.

And more shenanigans like this:

Epic beach walk. This will probably happen again.

I’m excited!

Greece.  Remember that time my parents and I went to Greece?  Yeah that was pretty incredible.  I’m also visiting my Gma this weekend and she is sending me to the local Greek festival and I’m really excited to go and see all things Greek.  Hellloooo baklava.

Crete! This was the cutest little village at the base of these enormous mountains. Awesome.

My parents on Santorini. They’re pretty cool people. (as you can obviously tell from this picture).

Fresh food.  It’s so good.  Seriously people.  Those ‘picked off the vine’ strawberries may not look as good as the stuff in the store but hot Damn do they taste 100 x better. 

Dinner with old friends!  I caught up with Erin, my freshman year roommate (well one of them but that’s another story) over some tasty quiche at Mimis the other day and it was so good to see her.  She remains to this day the classiest, sassiest, southern belle I know.  We ended up commiserating over injuries for most of the meal.  How is it that 2 twenty- somethings are laid out from stupid injuries?  Wtf?  And she got her first injury while training for the half marathon too!  Wild.  

And last but not least- running!  You didn’t think I’d make it through an entire post without talking about it did you?  Ok good.  I did another round of my 1 & 1/2  minute running on Tuesday and we’re still doing ok.  Phew!  I have to keep reminding myself ‘baby steps baby steps baby steps.’.  

WHAT ABOUT YOU?  What are you thankful for?!  Sunshine and puppies?  That old building you always walk by?  The fact that you have friends coming to see you this weekend?  The way the light filters through foliage on a late afternoon hike with the scent of honeysuckle permeating every breath?  Too specific? 

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One Response to Abundant sunshine

  1. strangerstilnow says:

    I’m thankful for YOu and Anna and karen and tally and topher and travis and crispy and jake and a million others for that matter. and peanut butter and warm breezes and neko case and roadtrips and fresh salsa and the beach. always the beach

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