Beachy camping

It’s summer now, if you didn’t know. The start of summer doesn’t correspond to a date on the calender for me. It has to do with the heavenly scent of honeysuckle combined with fresh grass and if you’re really lucky, an ocean breeze carrying a hint of salt.
Which is what I got to smell last weekend when I went to the beach with my Anna! We both agreed it was a perfect getaway. We lounged on the sand for a bit, took a longer than we anticpated walk along the beach, roasted hot dogs and had drinks around the campfire and became mesmerized by the fire.

We wasted no time getting to the beach once we picked out our campsite.

We hit up the state park to camp. The beach there is very nice. There was even a wedding! (We weren’t invited, for some reason.)

We managed to relax, catch up, pretend to read while actually watching people set up for the wedding and observing a small group of hipsters before heading back to buy some wood. Which we realized would be crucial for the whole ‘fire’ thing we wanted to do. Once the fire was up and going we got comfy.

The summer woodchuck cider is one of their better varities. In my opinion.

Anna has this survival bag and it is AWESOME. I’m jealous. It has everything you could want/ need. (Get me one kthanksloveyou!)

Anna and I are bad converstationalists around a fire. But we’re ok with it.

For future reference: you can, in fact, hear the cars on the road from many of the campsites at the park. Luckily I still managed to sleep like a log. It was probably one of the highlights of the weekend.

Anna had the brilliant idea of bringing along those little Starbucks frappacino things and wanted to drink them out on the beach the next morning. Obviously she had to twist my arm to do so. I mean, sit out on the beach in the early morning while drinking a tasty caffinated beverage? Heck no. Who wants to do that?

Frappacinos on the beach = best idea ever. The girl is good with details.

The only bad thing about a weekend like that is it makes monday a little more difficult. I spent monday and tuesday wondering when I could get back to the beach. Sigh. Luckily I have this to look forward to!

June beach week! Roommate and me at annual karoke night.

And there’s your late update on what happened last weekend. Stay tuned for a recap of this weekend! (Teasers: Riverrock, dress shopping, the dancing boy, weeding mornings at the urban farm/garden.) And how was YOUR weekend?

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