The mountains are calling

And I went! (original quote ‘The mountains are calling and I must go’ from John Muir). Some friends and I headed up to the Shenandoah National Park for an amazing weekend filled with camping, hiking, relaxing by the fire, mountain pool swims and a bear sighting that was waaaaay too close for comfort. And no. I don’t have a picture of the bear. We had a great mix of people; myself, the Trav, and my new Cali/ Va secret twin A made up the core group with Anna and Zac meeting up with us for Saturday night camping.

Sunsets like this are nice. Disclaimer: this picture was actually taken in the Shenandoah a few years ago. Still. Same park, same awesome weather.

We were incredibly blessed with perfect weather the entire weekend. Hot enough to want to get into the water on the Riprap hike (for me at least!) and cool enough to be happy about a fire and sleep well in the tent at night.

Again a picture from a few years ago. But we did have toast. With homemade strawberry jam. And it was delish!

I loved waking up in the mornings to sunlight filtering through the trees and the smell of campfire. Mmmmm awesome.

Oh hey gorgeous views. It was great seeing you for three days straight.

The trip was capped off by a visit to my favorite C to meet her new baby! He is adorable. Pictures coming shortly.

I would officially say I have the urge to do a fo realz backpacking trip. I’ve thought sbout it on and off for a while now and had success with overnights but I am itchin to get out in the woods for multiple days and just go! (sans bear sightings of course). Girl’s got plans. It’s gonna happen.

More pictures and the adventure hike recap to come soon! Along with river rock highlights. Happy Tuesday!

And how was YOUR holiday weekend?

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