Baby steps

And not the actual little human baby steps. Obviously.
I’m talking baby steps with running rehab.
People. I have been able go run for 2 minutes at a time with a break of 1 minute for 15-20 minutes.
This. Is. Big. I just have to keep from getting in that mindset of ‘Well if I could do 20 min without hurting two days ago, I should be able to do it again but faster.’ NO CHRISTINE DON’T DO IT. (yes I have to use all caps to yell at myself. Whatever).

It’s exciting though. I even bought new shoes! They are pretty Brooks Adrenalines. So far so good. It’s nice to be able to lace up and head out the door and go. As much as I love the gym, it lacks that specific convenience factor.

There are vague swirly thoughts in my head about running a 5K in September. :::fingers crossed::: I would just about pee my pants with excitement if this could happen.

That’s really all I wanted to write about. Running is fun. Even though it still hurts some and it’s for a super short time right now I’m glad to be doing it again.

Here’s a pretty picture.

i love RVa.

Happy Wednesday!

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