A lot can happen in a year

Because yeah, I guess it’s been almost that long.  However, I missed this.  So without further ado, the big things that have gone down:

1.  I took two classes last semester while working and am taking two classes this semester while working.  It definitely keeps life quite busy.
2. A family trip took us to Wyoming. It was beautiful, gorgeous, all of those adjectives you use to describe the incredible landscape of the west.
3. I messed up my left leg on a walk/ run in Wyoming. Things were misdiagnosed (again. hello theme of my life. let’s change that ok?) and the fall was … rough. To say the least. I’m very glad to have made it through. I’m going to see a chiropractor Thursday to see what can be done about peroneal tendenosis which is apparently what I actually have- not a stress fracture. Fun times.
4. Despite being on crutches my shoulder has slightly improved. Many things still cause pain and mountain biking and ultimate Frisbee playage are still out of the questions. But I can ride my bike to class and help more with patients at work. Therefore I am a happier girl.
5. Once again, I was blown away by how amazing my friends and family are. So incredibly blessed.

Speaking of blessed, Sunday was goooooorgeous here. Did you get outside? I had to take a break from working on a project and biked my way over to a pick up Frisbee game. No, I didn’t play but I did throw the disc around with some very nice people. It felt like coming home. Words can’t describe how amazing it was to simply toss a Frisbee around.
However I paid for it Monday and today. My arm muscles were all like, ‘ummm helloooo you haven’t used us in that way in forever!’ and then my shoulder pain specifically made its presence known today ‘Hi. Hi that was cute and fun and all, but BITCH please you can’t do that.’ So that was less exciting.

This weekend is St. Patrick’s day! I plan to have fun- fingers crossed for amazing weather!

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